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Special thanks to all sponsors and attendees who helped make our 30th Annual Luncheon a magnificent success.

Congratulations to the Parity Inc. 30th Annual Top 10 African American Male Honorees: Wayne Arrington, Timothy L. DeVaughn, Robert M. Estelle Jr., Quinnan E. Howard, Christopher M. James, Craig A. Jones, Duane K. Martin, Tommy J. McGuffey Jr., Craig A. Walder, Isaiah M. Williams.

Our Services

Our Programs

We prioritize Education, Health, Economic/Community Development, and Public Policy as an organization.

Youth Development for Success

Youth academic program designed to support the educational needs of youth in West Dayton. 

Top 10 African American Males Luncheon

The African American Male Top 10 Awards celebrate the achievements of 10 Greater Dayton Area African Americans who have positively contributed to the community through leadership and positive influence.

Black Leadership Development

The Black Leadership Development Program attracts and builds a strong network of effective leaders who model the characteristics needed to serve their respective organizations and communities.

Fists in Solidarity

We Need You!

Monetary donations are vital for the upkeep and flow of Parity Inc. Understand that your contribution directly uplifts the lives of those we serve throughout the Dayton area. 

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