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The 2024 Black Leadership Development Class
Has Been Selected

Black Leadership Development
2023 Class

Black Leadership Development Program
2023 Luncheon

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What is the Black Leadership Development Program? 

Get to Know Us

The Black Leadership Development Program is designed to appeal to current and emerging African American leaders. Its purpose is to develop a pool of African American men and women from various backgrounds with leadership capacity to effectively address ongoing and emerging community issues.

During this 11-month program, participants will meet monthly to learn through lectures, discussion, and direct experience of every major aspect of community life. Issues, from economics and education to criminal justice and intra-cultural diversity, will be explored.

Participants will also begin to develop working relationships with civic, social, political, and community leaders. To enhance the quality of the presentations, topic experts are used throughout the program to ensure the development of sharpened leadership skills.​

What can one expect to gain from participation in the Black Leadership Development Program?

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